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KHALID ELAKRI HORIZONS is your new digital marketing agency and studio located in Morocco. Servicing small to medium sized businesses worldwide.

We’re specialized in web design, branding, search optimization SEO, digital marketing, professional logo design, pay-per-clic PPC marketing and more. 

Digital Lovers

We wanna be your continous partner in helping small and medium businesses grow while standing out against the competition. 

We love to help them to get connected and scale up their return on investment ROI.

First step: DISCOVERY

Once your project begins or has been already began, we will investigate your position to make sure that we’re all on the same wave. This discovery session will dive deeper into learning more about your business goals. We work to understand your business, learn more about your users and start to define our tactics to get you where you want to be. 

Second step: STRATEGY

The discovery session help us to uncover the strategy that will govern our direction going forward. Deliverables elements can include: Old website, Detaled/organized discovery brief, Brand narrative samples, User stories, Brand & competitive audit, Design style, Wireframes, Photos, Videos, Texts … 

Third step: DESIGN

We take every thing we have learned up to this point and start to design a custom visual language. We will work to develop deliverables, giving you a unique competitive edge in your market. We will provide you with design samples to help guide us towards the final product. Deliverable elements can include: Logo concepts, Brand identity, Design mockups, curated photography samples, website themes, & more.

Fourth step: DEVELOP

While design dictatesthe general look, feel and direction of the user’s experience, the development phase is where it’s actually built.Deliverables can include: Frontend development (build & design), Backend development (program & configure, e-commerce setup, Testing & debugging, Website launch, Marketing campaign setup and others. 

Your Dream. Our Mission.

We Believe In Hard Work And Dedication

There is no such thing as a one-anddone solution. Branding, website and marketing are ever-evolving disciplines. This means they need maintenance, analysis, revisiting and repurposing. 

Whether starting or maintaining a new initiative or revisiting an existing one. We’re always here to help you achieve results with continued maintenance and support.

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Founder & CEO

Sara Belhaj

Art Director

Lisa R. Boone


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